12 March 2015

Forever in pixels

We are featured in the fantastic action video game Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number where we have made music for one of the levels, and you can also meet us in person in the game if you keep your eyes open. Buy this amazing game at Steam, lock the door, close the shades, and enjoy the coolest game you’ve played in a very long time.

Hotline Miami 2 - Riddarna

11 November 2014

The Life of a Drummer

5 November 2014

The Gaffa prize

Nominated for the Swedish Gaffa Awards. Vore for Riddarna in the categories “Swedish rock of the year” and “Swedish band och the year” here.

30 August 2014


We’re going to Finland in November.

21 nov: Tampere @ Doris

22 nov: Helsinki @ Bar Loose.

31 May 2014

New remixes

More people out there are remixing and doing their own versions of our songs. Keep doing that – we are happy to share. Go to soundcloud.com/riddarna to listen to the latest tracks.

19 February 2014

Under jorden (Under Ground) – out now!

Riddarna - Under jorden

Lots of reviews are starting to come in:
Göteborgsposten (One of the biggest Swedish daily papers): 4/5
Svenska Dagbladet (One of the biggest Swedish daily papers): 4/6
Sundsvalls Tidning (Swedish daily paper): 4/5
Gävle dagblad (Swedish daily paper): 4/5
Gaffa Sverige (Swedish music magazine): 4/6
Gaffa Norge (Norwegian music magazine): 5/6
Musikknyheter.no (Norway): 8/10
Arbetarbladet (Swedish music magazine): 4/5
Blaskan (Swedish review site): 4/5
Musikreviews.de (Germany): 12/15
Ave Noctum (UK): 7/10

Buy or listen:

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Vinyl/CD here

18 January 2014

New video: Hjärtat slår

Yes! The video for the new single “Hjärtat slår” (“The h
Heart Beats”) is out rightnow.

14 January 2014

New single tonite

Tonight the new single “Hjärtat slår” (“The heart beats”) will be played for the first time in national radio P3′s program Musikguiden between 18.30 and 19.00. The single is from the upcoming album “Under jorden” (“Under ground”) that will be released 2014-02-12.

17 October 2013

New video: Kolla Kolla!

Kolla kolla - ny video från Riddarna
Today it’s the premiere for the music video “Kolla kolla” over at festivalrykten.se. The video is made in collaboration with our fans and Nationalteatern.

29 May 2013

Now we’re releasing anything!

The forth single of the spring is now out. It’s called “Vad som helst” (“Anything”).

29 April 2013

Video premiere: Simma hem (Swim Home)

Last week, our new single Simma hem (Swim Home) was released. Here’s the video:

5 April 2013

Video premiere: Över gränsen (Over The Line)

Here’s the second single of this springs series of new songs from Riddarna!

26 February 2013

Video premiere: “På topp” (“On top”)

Today we have a video premiere for the upcoming single “På topp” that will be released this thursday (feb, 28th).

25 February 2013

Will soon release something

22 January 2013



See you on the other side.

16 January 2013

Oslo tonight

Sorry, this entry is only available in Svenska.

9 January 2013

The Norwegian Party Swede

Check this out: www.riddarna.com/partysvensk/

Partysvensker - Go to MONO i Oslo!

12 December 2012

The Riddarna Translator Spotify App is released today

The Riddarna Translator App on SpotifyRiddarna is the third band ever and the first band in Scandinavia to release their own Spotify app. Today the language bridging app “Riddarna Translator” is released in all countries where Spotify is available, with the description “Learn Swedish the stressful and confusing way through the music of Riddarna”. You’ll find the app in the App Finder in Spotify.

4 December 2012

Musikhjälpen (The Music Help)

Riddarna i musikhjälpenWe will participate in this years Musikhjälpen (The Music Help): a money-collecting-event that brings attention to hidden humanitarian disasters. Three celebrity hosts will live in a glass cage to broadcast radio and tv non stop around the clock for 144 hours. We will visit the cage on December 15 to play live and also hopefully contribute to the collection.

28 October 2012

Listen to ten covers of Riddarna tunes

Lyssna på covers av Riddarnalåtar


Thank you:

Anders Wallner
Johanna Hellqvist
M. hot-dog
Los Ganglios
Tyred Eyes
Olof Andersson
Peter Dolving
Pontus Robertson & Ida Malm
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